Review of King of Atlantis Online Slots

King of Atlantis is an online and mobile slot game from IGT that you should absolutely try. It takes place in a mystical underwater world inhabited by mermaids, dolphins, and the intimidating visage of Poseidon, the fabled King of Atlantis.

With 5 reels and 40 paylines, there are several opportunities to line up these symbols and win rewards. But it’s a slot with true complexity, as you’ll also be rewarded with Gigantic Wild symbols, free spins, and the chance to add more wilds to the mix for an additional wager. IGT’s success with King of Atlantis may be attributed to the game’s fascinating features and wildly popular undersea theme.

A large betting range guarantees that players with almost any budget may find an appropriate wager, but at the highest stakes, you can win a staggering $250,000.00! Regardless of the stakes you choose, this is a low-volatility online slot with a propensity for regular payouts, but the size of the winnings is often modest.

King of Atlantis looks excellent on Android and iOS devices, and on a desktop PC, you can appreciate the intricate design in all its grandeur. Try it out in free-play mode, then read our review to see how these visually appealing symbols and interesting features interact.

King of Atlantis Slot Configuration and Controls

The King of Atlantis slot machine requires no initial investment to play. The lowest bet each spin is just $0.40, and there are several wagering alternatives between this and the enormous theoretical maximum of $1,800.00.

There’s no need to choose how many paylines to activate since all forty are always active; all you need to do is choose your wager. You’ll also have the option to spin the reels automatically and adjust the volume to your liking, however the music doesn’t really contribute to the undersea atmosphere.

Before placing real money wagers on slot machines, you should examine the paytable if you have little expertise. In some respects, King of Atlantis is a touch less easy than the majority of slots, since the inclusion of additional wild symbols is uncommon. As you will see, though, having the option may lead to the formation of several more winning lines, particularly during the free spins phase.

King of Atlantis Gameplay and Extra Attributes

Perhaps IGT’s artists were influenced by Disney, since the reels of the King of Atlantis slot game are filled with colorful cartoon symbols reminiscent of The Little Mermaid. The game’s setting is also rather amazing, with a beautiful vista of Atlantis in the distance.

Shells, vases, and harps will provide lesser rewards, while rings, a crown, a dolphin, and the red-haired mermaid will award the highest payouts. Each of them is often stacked many times on a reel, which contributes to the slot’s low volatility and ease of landing matching symbols throughout the reels.

While you should get wins from these symbols often, you are more interested in how Poseidon, the king of Atlantis, assists.

The King is shown as a regal person with a white beard and a golden crown. When he appears on reels 4 and 5, he acts as a wild symbol, filling in any gaps in a series of matching symbols or contributing to a winning line. This is usual process for a wild symbol, but Poseidon has several other abilities in this game.

IGT has created him a Giant Wild that spans over two reels and three rows. You may play with a total of 20 wild symbols, or you can increase your wager to get 40 or 60 wilds. As a result of the increased frequency of winning combinations, the volatility of the game decreases further, however the overall average returns stay same at about 96%.

The last sign to conceal is the Bonus symbol. This symbol only appears on the first reel on the left, but if it appears with Poseidon, you are rewarded eight free spins. During these games, any wilds that triggered the bonus round will remain in place, making it much simpler to win rewards.

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