In a similar vein, what is it that a gambling system is supposed to be solving?

According to my perspective, a gaming system might be seen as a solution to the following issues:

  1. The fact that they are now losing money at gambling, yet would like to win

Okay, if you’re losing money at gambling and would like to win, there are well-documented and repeatable methods of really winning money at gambling that you may use.

All of them include playing with some kind of overall advantage from the start of the game. To increase your chances of winning money when you gamble, the greatest place to start would be to only participate in games when you believe you have some kind of edge over the other players. This is something that almost anybody who is attentive can learn to accomplish with enough study, but having a solid foundation in logic and mathematics would assist.

However, and this is critical, just using a strategy will not assist you in winning at casino gaming. I’m not sure how many times I’ll have to repeat it, but you’d think by now everyone would have worked it out. Casinos would either discontinue providing the game or adopt countermeasures to make the methods by which the winning is accomplished more difficult.

As far as I know, there is no method to put a sequence of negative numbers together in such a manner that the final result will be a positive number. This would be denying reality in the same way that so many alcoholics refuse to acknowledge that they are alcoholics.

If a betting strategy was effective enough to defeat a game, it would have been found and exploited by that point, and the relevant bet or game would no longer be available in casino settings. In the case of countermeasures performed against mathematically feasible techniques of anticipated profit, such as card counting, edge sorting, and hole-carding, we have seen examples of this. Casinos have concluded that these techniques pose a genuine danger and have taken steps to prohibit them or make them more difficult to use in their establishment.

Because casinos are afraid of the Martingale strategy, they do not have table minimums and maximums. It is only because they wish to minimize their total exposure that they have acquired these items. Think a casino with just a $10-$100,000 minimum-to-maximum spread across all games will accept ten million-dollar bets if the customer simply pledges to flatbed for a few minutes. Without a doubt, this is not the case! At the very least, not all of the time. A game’s Table Greatest, in general, represents the maximum amount of money that the casino is comfortable losing on a single hand, which, in turn, reflects the maximum amount of money that they are comfortable losing over a period of time. Betting systems are simple to devise. They are just what they are. Anyone can come up with a good idea for one. The process of winning money at gambling is not necessarily difficult, but it is seldom simple. If it were possible to predict that betting methods would be able to defeat the House Edge, winning in gambling would be simple and predictable all of the time. Because most legal kinds of gambling winning often require meeting a specific condition, or combination of circumstances, they cannot simply be willed into existence like certain other types of winning. It is true that you may try to count cards at any moment, but you will not be able to make a positive count into existence on any particular shoe.

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